Jesus has sanctified me as a church

In my vision, I came from out site my home. On the main entrance of my home I bend down on my knees, I prayed before I entered into my house. When I entered, I saw my house become a big as a church and I saw the cross of Jesus was on top. On my side inside the church, someone was sitting there. This person looked like a big preacher dressed with a white robe and other color as well. Then the man stood up and said: “"This house was as a school for training, and then it becomes a church. I came to inaugurate in order to be functional then He was stood up and He left his wright HAND above the sky and blessed the church then he disappeared." His body was shining like somebody applied olive oil on his body He has no hair on his head like his head’s hair was cut. After I remember the man was Jesus.  Since that I am performing conference preaching around the word.

My visit to the heaven

I visited the heaven, I saw how the glory of God are, and I saw the King Jesus on his throne. The Holy Spirit stated to me, “you are a messenger and a liberator," "you are the prophet of survivors", "we have sent you there (in the world) to save the life of people like those animals in the zoo.",


In this book, I have just described the light only because that light has been since the creation of the world and today and in the future this light is always  the same. Without this light we are lost that’s why I am calling to witness in the world about the true light which is Jesus Christ.


I tell you the truth what God wants for you, really He will do it, you will know it, perceive it, and get it. One night I had a dream Jesus was singing in front of the church: “I Jesus I am (3 times) If you want to ask I will listen to you, if you want to know I will let you know  if you want to do I will do for you ah nn ah nn I Jesus I am.  


Since the time I have baptized even before and after, I am like someone living in the house of God. During my trip to Kinshasa of Congo Democratic Republic, I have baptized by a Christian Pastor in the river called “the river of Ndjili.”

God has appointed me to be his servant by the call of the Lord Jesus. God knows me before I born in this world. Since that time, God has conducted me through different kind of life, I mean I never been on the one particularly area for while; I had practiced with different people and in different business areas. I always feeling in my heart that I didn’t yet reach my destiny or I will love thinks I am performing but it will finish like that. When I start to practice African music, later on after 7 years I failed to continue because I became ill by which I could not do it.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. 17 This is my command: Love each other. John 15:16-17

God and Jesus appeared to me on the nature of light, Sept. 27, 2008

I had a vision while I was awake , I was in my living room seen my TV, somebody distracted me by touching my left side close to my left eye in order to lose my attention on the TV, I turned my head on left side to see who touched on me but I didn’t see nobody. When I start to get my vision back to the TV, I saw in front of me on the top a Big white cloud of light with a different shining of colors. Then I have observed the cloud carefully then it disappeared. It was in the afternoon and I was alone. I left the place (living room) I went to the guest room I prayed then I came back to see again the TV. I forget what was happening; again the same thing happen somebody touched my left side close to my left eye in order to lose my attention on the TV, I turned my head on left side to see who touched on me but I didn’t see nobody. When I start to get my vision back to the TV, I saw in front of me on the top a Small white cloud of light with a different shining of colors. I mean the first Cloud I saw was Big and the second Cloud I saw was Small.

After 2 days, I had a dream: a young lady (girl) was following me everywhere I was going while I was with my wife. Then I asked the lady why are you following me everywhere I am going? She didn’t answered. So when we came back from the same road, my wife was out on my side and she was a little bite distracted, the young lady came quickly to held and turned my two hands on my back, she put something in my hands and the young lady left us immediately. My wife didn’t know what was going on. When I observed what the young lady dropped on my hands, I saw 2 white coins of money, one was big and another was small.

 Perceiving dreams/visions

I can remember my dreams and visions since I had the age of 12 in which are flowing to me days and nights like the waves of the sea and wherever I am. Since my baptism, I came to realize my call from God by his son the Lord Jesus Christ which I am the servant of GodThe visions and dreams flowing to me by the following concepts including:

Prophetic messages
By the voice of the Holy Spirit as a human being with different type
By fire and storms
By the sound such as strong windy
By the scriptures
By the code as body’s system intuition which requesting many exercises to understand
By the numbers
By the colors
By the time
By different languages
By the country, the nations  or regions
Message of teaching, loving,  blessing, correcting, preventing, instructing, encouraging and in silence position
Images of humans being, animals as Doves, Eagles, trees, rains  
Symbolic and much more

Explanation of the voices and more


God called me in the prophetic office as a messenger and a liberator. (Isa 42:6-7)

Read Ephesians for the 5 ministers

God made the world for a mankind

 In the beginning nobody knows how God created the word by which He has accomplished its world’s creation from the first day to the sixth day in Genesis chapter 1 and God said: “that it was very good.”

After completing the earth on the 6th day God has made the mankind to rule over all as stated on the 26verse. God as He is LOVE, He did a plan for us to leave with goodness life in the world as stated in the mind of God.

 26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a]and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

 27 So God created mankind in his own image, 
   in the image of God he created them; 
   male and female he created them.

 28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” 
    29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so. 
    31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.

God has implemented a commandment to the mankind, Adam and Eve.

After all following steps of the creation from and after the 7 th day of resting by God, He has conducted perfectly its creation for the verse 1 and 2  stated on Genesis 2.

 1 Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. 2 By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. 3Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2

The world has corrupted by the devil one

The world has corrupted differently by the connection of the devil one which he inserting his knowledge to the people of the world in order to lead them to the wrong way and to the wrong immagination and to the wrong leaving (darkness). Today we can see the division, separation, betrayal, revolution,  fighting, killing, anger, accusation, are everywhere in the world specially in the church, marriage, work, schools, communities, families, countries, day and night. Since the establishment of the man in the world, the devil has committed his plan to the world in order to destroy the people in the word by causing them to stealing, tell lies, busy time, problems, illness disease, captivities and much more.  Satan has detested the people of the world since God the Father made a man named Adam because of its arrogance sin which he did on the eye of God, the first sinner was excluded out  in the world


The Kingdom of God on earth

My mission in Congo Democratic

My mission i believe was started from my original country the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC. This country was victim of suffering,  captivated by the devil in complicity with the authorities of the country. This country has been abused to death which they lost many lives people about 8 millions for many years. By the GRACE and the Mercy of God, the kingdom of God has landed to the lost place, praise the name of the Lord. 

The current position of Jesus in Africa

Jesus showed me his current position in Africa which I am in need to spread this good news. I need your support for this message. PRAISE THE LORD


The spoken of God was related with three important points in my life:

I heard the voice said, “Prophet Elie,” God stated me on the prophetic office as was identified with the type of Elijah type spirit within me as a conformation to my calling.  Why Elie instead of Elijah? Because I am originality from French country named Congo Democratic Republic located in the center of Africa actually I reside in the US for many years to the present time. The official language of Congo is French. And later I had a dream, God says: “people could call me within the three different spelling names such as 1. Elie in French, 2. Elias in Greek form and 3. Elijah in English form but all three have the same meaning. The name of Elie means YAHWEH IS God in French Dieu est Eternel.
God says, “Prophet Elie, you have to be strong in your faith to understand how the POWER of the WORD of GOD is.” Here God is teaching me about the faith and showed me my covenant with him. 1 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty[a]; walk before me faithfully and be blameless. 2 Then I will make my covenant between me and you and will greatly increase your numbers.”

3 Abram fell facedown, and God said to him, 4 “As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the father of many nations. 5 No longer will you be called Abram[b]; your name will be Abraham,[c] for I have made you a father of many nations. (Genesis 17:1-5).  After a while, I had a dream

Here Jesus showed to the disciples the power of faith in which is related to my home’s trouble. God wanted me to know if I use the power of faith my wife will not be conducted with such bad behavior which was happening to me. 25 The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”  26 He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm 27 The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”


I left my eyes above the sky I saw fire and storms were speaking on me. According on Koinonia Network’s interpretation said: “The fire storms could be speaking of Revival or the trials I may be going through. There is life and death in the power of my tongue. I am a covenant person. A prophet of God.... Speak life! Speak blessings, Speak joy!

My faith in Jesus    

One day the same situation came more intensive than before. I conducted my heart to the cross of Jesus because by the cross of Jesus we have been saved. I pray then I heard the voice of Jesus said to me: “your wife can disrespect or minimizing you whatever she wants but she has to know you (Elie) are in Jesus.” Then I said, Thank you Jesus you heard my cry and you know my stress.” I went to share this story to my wife, since she heard what Jesus said for her immediately she stops yelling on me. Step by step things are coming better than before.  By faith we are in touch with God;  

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:19)


 5 And now the LORD says— 
   he who formed me in the womb to be his servant 
to bring Jacob back to him 
   and gather Israel to himself, 
for I am[a] honored in the eyes of the LORD 
   and my God has been my strength— 
6 he says: 
“It is too small a thing for you to be my servant 
   to restore the tribes of Jacob 
   and bring back those of Israel I have kept. 
I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, 
   that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.”

 7 This is what the LORD says— 
   the Redeemer and Holy One of Israel— 
to him who was despised and abhorred by the nation, 
   to the servant of rulers: 
“Kings will see you and stand up, 
   princes will see and bow down, 
because of the LORD, who is faithful, 
   the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.” (Isaiah 49:5-7)

Prophet Elijah is the witness of the LIGHT

I came to witness to the world that Jesus is the true light from the Eternal God to the world; He is the way that leads us to the Holy Father, having eternal life in the Kingdom of Jesus starting from above us. By his love and sacrifice, we have been forgiven to have eternal life to those who accept him by love faith and baptism

Jesus is the light of the world seen by a vision

During our Sunday’s prayer, I saw a projector light in front of me. The projector light is made to lighten the area so people can live with this lighten without this it will be darken. In side the projector light , there are components objectives comprised in the body of the projector but I have paid my attention only on two vitals objectives as follow:

1-. The main strong intensive light,  which could reflect its radiation to the space area. This type of radiation is so strong by which it could not be supported by the eyes and presence of the human being.

2-. After the main intensive light, I saw a colored emerald cover glass which is stationed after the main light in order to capture and reduce the power of the radiation from the main light and provide a good flexible radiation (LIGHT) to the space area (the world). The colored cover glass is providing a flexible light to the presence of the human being as well he is conducting a role of a mediator

The image (symbol) in this vision means that:

1-. The main light is the light of God the Father

2-. The colored emerald stone as a  cover glass is Jesus to reflect the light from God the Father to the space area which is the world. So Jesus came to connect us with God the Father and we can see and live in God through Jesus. Without Jesus Christ, we will not see the Father because we can see the light of the Father by the reflection of the Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, 'Show us the Father'? Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. John

Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. 14:9-11 (NIV)

34 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Matthew 24:34 New International Version (NIV)


On other way, Jesus is God because is reflecting the same light from the Father,  I mean the light coming from God to the world through Jesus.  God as Spirit and truth, as well Jesus is the spirit and true as flesh which came to live with flesh and true to the world from the nature of light of God. In all God is Omnipotent he has no limit on his superpower.

The unity of God

First: since I left Islam my big concern was about the unity of God because Islam says: “there is no other God except one God.” And how in Christianity stating there is trinity within God? And Jesus is the Son of God as well he is a God by which or while God cannot give a child! This statement doesn’t convince Muslims people to accept God on this way and it was a big problem for my believing. Since I became Christian this statement troubled my mind all the time and I was praying a lot to God in order to clarify me about it.

Second: there were 3 ladies of Jehovah’s whiteness which were coming to visit me at my home in US. The first time they visited me they were only two ladies one white and other black women. In that time, I was new as Christian I didn’t have enough tools to debate or to share the word of Gospel to non-Christian people or to Jehovah’s whiteness by which was coming sometime to visit me and I had many Muslim friends because before I joined Christianity I was Muslim for 30 years.

The first visit the two ladies visited me, we spoke about the trinity of God they asked me a question if I believe Jesus is the son of God but not a God? I answered them to read in the book of Isaiah chap. 9 verse 6:


For to us a child is born, 
   to us a son is given, 
   and the government will be on his shoulders. 
And he will be called 
   Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, 
   Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6 NIV)


After reading the passage in the Bible, they said: “the Mighty God from the verse 6”God is not written on the first capital letter but small letters which means to them Jesus is not a God but he is the son of God only. But in my Bible it shows with the capital letters not small. Also they stated to me the prophets of God do no longer exist only the Bible nothing else.


The second visit we spoke about the same issue but they wanted to change my direction of believing.


God is omnipresent and he is always attentive to everything we are conducting which  the Holy Spirit spoken to me (Elie) as following:


After the two ladies left my place, The Holy Spirit spoken to me these words: “In God there are three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit of God add: “God the Father is the Father of Jesus and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the word of God, in one God there are three persons.” Later, the Holy Spirit stated to me as following: “Jesus is God because He Is among the three persons.”

“I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols.” (Isaiah 42:8 NIV)


The third visit, I have tried to tell them the truth which I learned from the Holy Spirit concerning the UNITY of God but they don’t wanted to listen or to accept my words. So they left and they change their mind instead of visiting me (Elie) they preferred visiting my daughter of 13 years old in the time. One day I came into my house on the living area I saw the two ladies sitting on the table and teaching my daughter about their own knowledge on Jehovah witnesses.

I greeted them with polite and they started to explained to me how they are teaching my daughter about Jehovah witnesses, I asked them how you and I we are not yet concluded about our last conversation why you are coming to my home without my permission and sitting on my living room teaching my daughter? And I add is this the good way to teach people with this kind of distraction and how can you show me you are acting on the truth while your behavior seems to be corrupted?


They asked me, if I can give my permission to them in order to teach my daughter. I said to teach about what? They didn’t have the answer and they left my home, since that time I don’t see them.


God instructed me

In a dream, I have prepared to go to a conference room to speak about the good news. Then I heard the voice, telling me to invite the Jehovah witness’s people to attend that conference in order to listen to the truth of the good news.

In a dream, I was walking myself on my neighborhood then I saw people coming close to me, women and men, black and white close to my home’s area. They are telling me to move into one of their cars because they wanted me to preach them the good news of God. I was not ready I mean I came from my bed without take even shower and I don’t know what to preach because I am a new Christian.  They told me, “Don’t worry for the way you are, we just need you as we see you now because we would like to listen you’re preaching about the good news of God. Then they took me to a safe place from there I begun to speak to them and I awoke.  

I realized that is not me will speak but God will speak to them through me. And God doesn’t care about how we are. And this dream was an alert and a call for me to focus and be prepared in God for my calling..


The Spirit of God is up on me

My Spiritual Surgery

How God is forming me by his own mind? I had a dream, while I was lying on my bed under my dream, I was appeared in the hospital lying on the bed and on the other side in the same hospital’s room, I saw a boy of 16 years old was lying on his bed both were in one room. When the surgery time came; the surgeon and his people took me on the surgery's bed they opened and removed every thing were into my body (all organisms). They took me back on my bed; they took the boy from his bed to the surgery bed. They removed every thing from inside his body. They replaced them I mean all his organisms were replaced on my body and all my organisms were replaced to his body. Then they put me on his bed and they put him on my bed.
After the operation is over, I saw the surgeon placed a bottle with medication for transfusion on my body but I don't know which medication was in side the bottle. In this hospital every body wore white cloth. The end


By a dream: I saw a young man (16 years old) was following me to  any places I am going, then I asked  the two ladies were with me, " why this young man is following me everywhere I am?" While I was speaking I saw the young man followed me into my car then the ladies responded to me: “you are filled by the light of the Holy Spirit.”
The ladies mean the CHURCH.

Since my baptism, I am with the Holy Spirit like I am living with a physical person. This is more than amazing,  the Holy Spirit is on top of my mind and actions. He is guiding me, he is peaking on me, he is correcting me, and much more. For all these, I am connected with the Spirit of God as the Lord promised us before He goes back to the Father. I am resting because I know how God is controlling and balancing the functionality of my life because God knows everything in our minds. 



An Eagle appeared on me  (Nov. 2008)

One day after I wake up from my bed in the morning, I sat on my bed, immediately I saw the appearance of the eagle looking at me face to face, his appearance was shining with the different type of glories including the small stars on the side of the wings. I have seen how his two eye been looking at me face to face, his body was standing by the power of its wings like a helicopter which is standing up and closely to provide a vital operation.  

 My anointing as a Royal Crown by the Holy Spirit.

This vision appeared to me while I was awake around 5 am to 6 am even while I left my room and to my car the vision was with me. 

The CROSS is attached in front of the Crown made in silver with 8 shining stones of diamond surrounding the crown comprising 4 stones of diamond on each square which means in the front, right, and left and on the head back. When I saw the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ attached in front of the Crown while in this vision, I said: “Oh my GOD”. After the vision, my Spirit told me you have to believe that Jesus is GOD. This crown has made with the special design which I cannot describe at this moment

A Dream(1) for a Royal Crown of the Kingdom

I dreamed I wore a royal crown  on my head and I was on top of a horse holding on my wright hand a sword in silver color.


The 8 stones as alliance from God to the chosen people

My anointing by God as an official Captain in the chip (boat) stated as Congo RDC

I dreamed, after we left the ship (boat), we have forwarded together with 4 officials servants of God which we were intended to open a reception for a vital meeting, I, myself, was behind them and I was wearing my captain's uniform in the chip (boat) relating to each one of my shoulders, four strips of blue and white colors then I woke up.

A leadership in Congo and its functioning by 8 stones

 I dreamed a voice told me to collect 8 stones, to represent the country of Congo RDC and then I woke up. After months, God told me to find one stone on the side of my front’s entrance from my home in US. In the morning I went in my entrance door I find one stone by which the Spirit of God told me to make it by 8 pieces and I did it not in dream but is reality. I have them with me

I collected the stones I put them in a safe place then God told me and said: “these 8 stones will be symbolized as the faith, honesty, loyalty governors of the 8 states on behalf of the Lord and the people of Congo and they will be considered as a federal states by which you are the captain commandant of all in Congo like I described the image of the boat stating as a new Congo in the world. The wealth of the Congo will be restored in quantity and quality. Foreign nations will bring their investments and their wealth in Congo RDC because of the Hand of Jesus. Congo will face to be the peace’s country and the wealth’s country in Africa across the world.

This is the grace from God


It is neither by pleasure nor by any sense of personal glory, nor by political or diplomatic than I am here right now, but rather by the grace and the will of God Almighty who chosen and sent me to announce the good news in Congo RDC, granted and released. A country that God has trained on his way to liberate a nation. Support the government and love of this great ship which will be the giant and the light of Africa. On April 22, 2011 I received a vision in which a voice said to me: "you must speak the truth as was written in the Bible, John chapter 4. Jesus spoke the truth to the Samaritan woman. Therefore, God encourages me to speak the truth to the Congolese people and the world about the good news and my position that I am the captain of the Congo which means I am the leader that God chosen me to represent this great country in the central Africa.


The Congo is God's field for its wealth. These reserves (wealth of the Congo) were provided for us the Congolese and the world to spread the good news of God's word through the world not to worship Satan or cause of insanity. That is why the justice of God applied to Congolese people because the Congolese people worshiped Satan and the commandments of God were not respected. Now we are liberated from the captivity of the devil caused by the Second Republic. The third republic has caused more suffering and death to the people of Congo and many Congolese has been fled to live around the world because of the instability injustice of the authorities. There is no human right, no peace.


The message prophetic from God to the Congolese people and the world


God advised me to swear to the Congolese people that the prophetic message from God is really real and is true. My swearing was not only for the Congolese people but to swear as an agreement with God according to this great mission.


Jesus showed me how his angel from heaven descended to earth surrounding him with fire in order to complete a mission and to free the country from the captivities of Satan which was caused by their leader for more than 40 years. We know how this country has suffered and their fortunes have been stolen or missing.


God sent me to Congo to tell them this message as follows: God says: "If you invest in my field (Congo DRC), I will see you and I will proclaim you" I replied, "My God thank you for your love with us, I am sorry to ask you this question, but what is the meaning of investment? "God invited me to read his hand in which I view the symbol of the Alpha and the Omega, the symbol of righteousness and justice, an opening eye was seen all the area of the hand of God without interrupted and I saw the cross of Jesus performing a light with glories to all the areas of the hand of God. After the my visit to the hand of God, the Holy Spirit recounted everything I saw in the palm of the hand of God. And God said this word: “He has done its part to clean up the Congo that is to take away the captivity of Satan, and now it's your turn to cultivate (grow) in his fields”.


In fact, I answered God's call, I went down to the Congo as his messenger and I have sworn and spoke in the name of Jesus in front of 300 pastors, apostles, bishops, Catholic, Abranamists. That day of April 7, 2011 the Congo DRC was released from the captivity of Satan.


Dear Congolese brothers and sisters, strangers, I inform you in the name of God that this prophetic message is sincere and true without discrimination of race, color and religion. We need you to believe and join, stand together in order to be strong and achieve our goals according to the plan and grace of God


The Bible says:
10 I spoke to the prophets,
   gave them many visions
   and told parables through them.”  (Hosea 12:10)

The Bible says:

41 Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.( Matthew 10:41)

The Bible declared

20 Early in the morning they left for the Desert of Tekoa. As they set out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Listen to me, Judah and people of Jerusalem! Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.” (2 Chronicles 20:20)

My authority from Jesus Christ

I have called as a prophet of God a prophet of survivors, a prophet of the nations for the end time performing under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. My function on my prophetic and apostolic Ministry is based as a messenger and a liberator, and performing with Elijah time to prepare people for the coming of the King Jesus.

My message is for LOVE, JOY, PEACE, JUSTICE and WORK on the basis for the return of Jesus then prepare the people of God on the coming back of the Lord Jesus


A Prophetic message for the present life of Congo DRC demonstrated by the children.      

In a vision, I was with someone into a car where we stopped at the place to observe the current country of Congo. On the point of our observation, having seen two children a boy and a girl between ages 7 and 8. The Spirit of God showed me the children's physical portrait in which I drew my attention and I saw that the children were small trade to feed their own way. On their heads they wore small goods to sell on the streets and public places. But the Spirit of God wanted me to see the profound portrait of children and their physical conditions. When I deeply attracted my attention in which I saw again that the little boy's face was ruined and as old as an older men, this means that these children did not have support in all areas of life. And I realized that even these children don’t have a home in which they may spend their nights. The Spirit of God led me to the deep of the current situation facing the Congolese people. These view telling me as a reminder because God gave me this mission prior two or three years but I did not do it. And God told me he chose me to save these people and I heard a song that the angels sang to me, but their voices had emerged as the Congolese women and men. The lyrics in this song was titled and explained as follows: "God has chosen you to serve him in love with all your heart, God has chosen you. (More times) "Amen Glory to God the Majesty.

Around the world, the life of children is the future of the world but when children's life is ruined as the world’s life is ruined. By the age of 8 I've heard by a dream, many people singing to me the same song.

God saw the deep current life of Congo DRC. Now God asks us to stand up to support this prophetic message, for physical and moral. The prayer of every one of us is vital to save the future of Africa. God Bless you.


Prophet Elie (Elijah) Nzeza


 After my life for 30 years in Islam as a Muslim, I have accepted Jesus. Today I have seen with reality the promise of God, "the word of God is true." Since 2008 to 2011 (three years), I have receiving dreams and visions like the wave of the sea flowing as a windy on me, days and nights at anytime, anywhere, any circumstance.

My brief story how I accepted Jesus in my life

I have been in Islam for 30 years and I spent more time in Mecca and elsewhere in the Islamic world. Since then, the Lord Jesus called me and he showed me the power of the Name of Jesus with many miracles. At the age of 12,  I saw angels in the triangular shape above me, they welcomed me by singing with instruments of trombone. A great star from heaven fell upon me, he came twice. The name of Jesus spoken out from  my loudly with no interruption.  I had a vision I saw a white door opened on the door, it was written with better graphics:  "The Lord Jesus Christ." I went near to enter into the door, and then the vision ended there. In the morning, I realized it was true that Jesus is the door before reaching God, I accepted Jesus into my heart as my Savior and my Lord; He is everything for me.  I gave glory to God. Since I accepted Jesus, I'm like living in the house of God


The Kingdom of God is here on hearth